our team

Danny Schiff​

Founder & President


Danny Schiff is the Founder and President of the Museum of Jewish Ideas.  He is also a noted teacher and researcher in Jewish ethics.  Danny has spoken widely on the significance of Judaism to human civilization.  He is the author of a book published by Cambridge University Press, as well as numerous articles.  Danny has a doctorate in rabbinics and a masters degree in museum studies.

Danny is an adult education specialist, and for sixteen years,  implemented his vision for adult Jewish learning as the Agency for Jewish Learning Community Scholar in Pittsburgh.  As one of the leading adult educators in the North American Jewish community, Danny taught more than 1,000 graduates in the Hebrew University’s Melton Adult Mini School.

Danny is a past member of the City of Pittsburgh Ethics Board, and the Board of the Society of Jewish Ethics. He now lives and works in Jerusalem.

Eldad Lev &

Shachaf Zeit


Eldad Lev:


Architecture degree, Technion – Israel 2007

2010-2012 Teaching Assistant, Bezalel Academy

2007-2008 Architect, Kimmel Eshkolot Architects (Tel Aviv, Israel)

2008-2010 Project Manager,

EM Design Group (NYC, USA)

2011-2013 Project Manager, Alonim Gurewich Architects & Urban Planners (Tel Aviv, Israel)

2013 Co-Founder - Zait-Lev Architects


Shachaf Zeit:


Architecture degree Technion – Israel, 2004

Associate Professor at Wizo Academy, Haifa, Israel

2004-2009 Architect, Kimmel Eshkolot (Tel Aviv, Israel)

2005 Awarded the Azrieli prize for Architecture

2008 Participated at the Venice Biennale for Architecture at the Israeli Pavilion

2009 Partner at Kimmel-Eshkolot Architects (Tel Aviv, Israel)

2013 Co-Founder - Zait-Lev Architects


Moshe Yeyni

Design & Technology



Moshe Yeyni serves as CEO and multidisciplinary designer at Disk-In Pro, and is constantly designing and creating the next interactive multimedia attraction. 

Disk-In Pro specializes in the planning, designing and implementation of museums, visitor centers and sophisticated projects throughout the world.  Established in 1990, Disk-In Pro focuses on conceiving the message, creating and delivering it through three main disciplines “under one roof”:

• Content – multi screen production, animation, 3D films and interactive installations.

• Technology – state-of-the-art software platforms offer comprehensive solutions for video displays and high-quality visual playback.

• Projects – project management from concept design and production up to installation and implementation on site.