​MOJI’s uniqueness will not only come from its content.  MOJI will

represent a new museum concept.  Breaking the mold of a museum

that is fixed in one location, MOJI will be a modular, advanced, portable

museum that can go anywhere in the world.  Just as the Jews of old

carried the Ark of the Covenant with them, MOJI will be a cutting-edge

storehouse of ideas that goes where the people are.  It will be a

museum experience in a twenty-first century structure that can move

with the times… and will.  MOJI will be a sophisticated museum space

located potentially in Jerusalem or New York, Tel Aviv or Toronto, Haifa

or Houston…

What will visiting MOJI be like?
A visit to MOJI will be different from going to most museums.  Instead of

displaying artifacts, MOJI will offer a powerful, technology-based interactive

experience that will engage, educate, and inspire.  It will be both evocative and provocative. 

Why has such a museum not existed till now? 

One reason is that the technology for conveying ideas in a compelling and truly interactive way only emerged relatively recently.  In fact, the distinctiveness of MOJI will lie in its unprecedented combination of content, advanced technology,

and mobility.

While investigating the insights of Judaism, MOJI will place special emphasis on the ways in which Judaism remains counter-cultural even now.  MOJI will explore not only the Jewish ideas that helped change the world, but also how Judaism might respond to today’s cutting-edge issues.  It will encourage reflective thinking about Jewish ideas and about how well the Jewish people has lived up to its own ideals.  It will seek to begin conversations, not end them.  Premised on the notion that Judaism has always sought to be transformative, MOJI will strive to highlight the divergent path of Judaism.

MOJI will build partnerships with other Jewish educational ventures to position itself as a vital and visible component of the contemporary Jewish educational landscape.  MOJI intends to be a dynamic, moving museum, a virtual presence online, and a central resource in a broader Jewish educational network.